The music and personality of Bjork cannot be explained in a simple description. The outspoken and eccentric singer is known for her unique vocals and original persona. Bjork concert tickets lets the viewer experience a circus of a show with outlandish costuming and exciting stage performances. The Icelandic vocalist burst onto the mainstream in the early 1990's with the birth of trip-hop music. Her hit singles include "It's Oh So Quiet" and "Army of Me," the latter covered in the movie Sucker Punch. Bjork has also found popularity with her controversial public appearances, an acting career, and red carpet fashion. By buying Bjork tickets, the concert goer can expect a spectacle of dreamy backdrops and music.

This performer is not one to shy away from the theatrics and maintains a reputation of an unpredictable concert. Buy Bjork tickets now on Ticketbis!


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Auditorio Nacional, Ciudad de México, Mexico
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From US$90.06 There are +100 tickets left
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