LP is becoming quite the hit, with a tussle for LP tickets soon to be expected! So just where will you be when LP performs? We at Ticketbis will tell you. Right there experiencing the action first hand, that’s where! Considered one of the best acts currently out there, LP is sure to leave you both wanting and satisfied! So buy your LP tickets and don’t miss out on one of the greatest events of your year!


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Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, Poznań, Poland
W związku z dużym zainteresowaniem koncertem LP wydarzenie zostaje przeniesione do Hali nr 2 MTP. Wszystkie zakupione bilety zachowują ważność.
From US$41.69 From US$33.34 $55.37 $44.28 There are 37 tickets left
From US$41.69 There are 37 tickets left
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