Tocando em Frente

Tocando em Frente tickets are the epitome of high society, and we at Ticketbis believe that anyone should be given the chance to experience the Tocando em Frente first hand! From the opera to flamenco, Ticketbis aim to provide for all of your theatre ticket needs. That’s why we’re giving you the chance to buy and sell Tocando em Frente tickets fan to fan!


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A​l​l tickets are paid in CAD. Prices in USD are estimated for informative purposes.

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Chevrolet Hall (BH Hall), Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Show de Almir Sater, Sérgio Reis e Renato Teixeira
12 a 14, apenas acompanhados
MEIA: restrito a estudantes (Carteira de Estudante do Brasil), idosos, professores de escola pública e PNE.
From US$612.70 From US$490.53 $822.33 $658.36 There are 4 tickets left
From US$612.70 There are 4 tickets left
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