Basketball World Cup 2014 Tickets

Basketball World Cup 2014

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Basketball was created in the late nineteenth century, when James Naismith, who was a P.E. teacher at the YMCA, needed an indoor activity on a rainy day that would keep his students active and effectively challenged. He nailed a peach basket, bottom included, to the wall, threw the students a soccer ball, and scribbled the rules down in his diary. This was the beginning of the grand sport of basketball.

The first official game was played only one month later, still using a peach basket as the scoring net, a standard team of five players and with completely different tools than those used in today’s practice of the sport. The peach baskets, however, saw their end in the early twentieth century as they were replaced with bottomless metal hoops and backboards as used today. The ball went from a soccer ball to a brown ball, and then thanks to Tony Hinkle, an orange ball – a ball that would be seen by both players and viewers alike.

Since these days, the sport has changed dramatically and has caught on all over the world. People everywhere play basketball. Whether it’s leisurely, on an elementary level, a professional level or even on an international competition level, that orange ball is surely not a rare sight. The best, however, come together once every four years to decide, once and for all, which country fosters the best basketball skill. So, clearly, the only way to see who is the best and witness the true talent is attending this year’s FIBA World Cup – a chance that only comes around every four years. Even better, Ticketbis can help you with that! Our ample online ticket marketplace has the 2014 FIBA World Cup tickets that you are after, so that you can be there and see it all from the stands.

The 2014 FIBA World Cup will be taking place in Spain this time around. The confirmed cities to be hosting the Basketball World Cup events are Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville, Granada and Las Palmas, effectively spreading the competition quite widely throughout the country. Don’t you want to be there? Not only could you be there courtside to witness the raw basketball talent live, but you could also have the chance to explore the beautiful country of Spain and many of its greatest cities. Do yourself a favor, make James Naismith proud, and buy your 2014 FIBA World Cup tickets here and now!


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