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French and Senegalese rapper Booba was born in 1976 as Elie Yaffa. He was raised in France but influenced by American hip-hop in the 90's. His other aliases are B2O and B2OBA. His first album of his solo career in 2002 was Temps Mort. In 2004, Booba released the album Pantheon. In 2006, he introduced his album Quest Side, which reached number one in the French charts. His last album was released in 2012 and was named Futur. If you are interested in Booba tickets, you will be entertained by a seasoned rapper when you see the show. Buy your tickets to see Booba now on Tickebis, to experience this talented musician live!


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Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
From $138.49 There are 6 tickets left
From $138.49 There are 6 tickets left
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