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Yes, Bournemouth’s Cherries have been promoted to the Premier League, and with Ticketbis now offering Bournemouth FC tickets, there’s no better chance to see this fledgling team prove they have what it takes to become a staple team amongst England’s finest! With the team’s grounds based in Boscombe’s Dean Court, Bournemouth’s upcoming performance will be the talk of fans and pundits everywhere! So don’t miss out to speculate in person, and make sure you grab your Bournemouth tickets now, right here at Ticketbis!

Formed sometime in 1899, Bournemouth’s footballing history would never have been called notable, with the team standing as a constant in both League One and the Football League Championship (The divisions just under the Premier League). Their nickname, “The Cherries” actually arrived twenty years later, and the origins of this nickname, is something that splits fans. For example, one side states that “Cherries” derive from the colour of the red stripes that the team’s kit include, while the other side claim it’s in relation to their grounds. Dean Court actually, sat beside the Cooper-Dean estate, well-known for its cherry orchard. It wasn’t until 2014, that the team have really proved their worth, when the team beat Birmingham City an impressive 8-0! In fact their entire performance in 2014, leading them to win the Championship title is what brought them to the Premier League!

So what are you doing still reading, make sure you grab your Bournemouth tickets and get ready for a game you won't forget!


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