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Bruce Springsteen

If you’re a respectable rock fan then you’ve definitely heard of Bruce Springsteen! Which makes the announcement of Ticketbis’ newly found possession of Bruce Springsteen tickets almost irrelevant, as surely that is exactly the reason you’re here! With Springsteen standing as one of the world’s forefathers of all thing’s Rock, you’re gonna wanna grab tickets for Springsteen fast! As anyone who’s tried will know, getting tickets for a chance to see this rock legend has always been a struggle, but never you fear as Ticketbis is here to help you find all of those elusive Springsteen tickets for a show near you! The American singer has just embarked on his "River tour" in order to promote his new record, which was released in 2015:"The Ties That Blind: The River Collection". Springsteen will be giving concerts all over the world this 2016, so don't hesitate and get hold of those tickets you've always wanted before they all sell out! 

For those unaware of Springsteen’s contribution to the rocking world, Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen began his music career in the late sixties, and was consistently known as “The Boss” by band members due to his distribution and collection of pay from the local clubs and venues he used to play! While he has never really liked the nickname, he has more recently accepted it as a moniker. The bands that have performed alongside Springsteen have varied throughout his career but his current and most long standing band is the E Street Band. Springsteen’s ascent to success was a slow crawl at best, with a couple of years spent developing a following, nineteen seventy-two saw Springsteen sign with Columbia Records with debut album “Greetings from Asbury Park N.J.”, however despite critical acclaim, sales for the album was slow.

During this period Springsteen’s writing and music, strongly rooted in folk rock, drew up comparisons with Bob Dylan with many critics praising Springsteen’s exuberant writing style, featuring characters and narratives! His debut album included the “Blinded By the Light” which was actually a hit for Manfred Mann’s Earth Band demonstrated Springsteen’s talent for song writing. His second album, “The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle” also received a lukewarm commercial response despite the critical success, and yet “Sandy” and “Roselita” have become cult classics among Springsteen fans! In nineteen seventy-five Springsteen’s third and breakthrough album “Born to Run” provee the old rule; third time lucky, which helped rocket Bruce Springsteen into the mainstream with singles “Born to Run” and “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” proving successful hits! The former song’s writing heralded Springsteen’s talent once more with the narrative of the song lying parallel with Springsteen’s own desperation to “make it big” as the song talks about the all-or-nothing attitude of an adolescent in love! While the latter is a narrative explaining the formation of Springsteen’s band E Street Band, with the protagonist “Bad Scooter” standing as a pseudonym for Bruce Springsteen! Other songs such as “Thunder Road” and “Jungleland” have found themselves homes in the Springsteen fans top songs! With so many songs still standing relevant today, it’s no wonder “Born to Run” received such a favourable response! In music magazine Rolling Stone’s list of Five Hundred Greatest Album’s of All Time, “Born to Run” came in at number eighteen!

Soon after Springsteen’s reputation as a more than capable songwriter grew within the pop world, releasing fourth album “The River” and with it another fan favourite “Hungry Heart”! In eighty-four Springsteen released possibly his fifth and most famous album “Born in the U.S.A”! Featuring such tracks like “Dancing in the Dark”, “Cover Me” and “Born in the U.S.A” each helped to place the album into one of the most successful album’s of all time, with album having gone thirteen times platinum here in Australia! Not to fade away Bruce Springsteen has been a constant in the music industry and while he’s had his ups and downs, recent years have seen resurgence in his popularity, with The Boss easily selling out in almost every venue he proceeds to perform in! So waste not a moment more and make sure Ticketbis is where you buy your Springsteen tickets!


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