Europa League Tickets

Europa League

Europa League tickets. The UEFA Europa league is back with a bang. Are you ready to witness the strongest and most talented football teams play against each other? Then it is time to book your Europa League tickets right here, right now.

Europa League Final decided: Liverpool v Sevilla

While the Champions League may be a completely Spanish affair, Liverpool have proved that there's still enough bite in the English to see them through to the Europa League Final, where they'll be stacked up against Sevilla! Considering the two team's shared legacy within the Europa League, there's little doubt that this is looking to be a match you'll definitely want to be a part of, don't forget with Europa League's offer of a Champions League slot, this is sure to be a battle of epic proportions! So don't miss out, head out to Basil and buy your Liverpool v Sevilla tickets now, right here at Ticketbis!

The UEFA Europa League is a prestigious annual football competition conducted by the UEFA for eligible European Football Clubs. The Europa League was founded in the year 1971. It was initially known as the UEFA CUP and later on became the UEFA Europa League in 2009. This new change of format helped in the development of the competition as well as qualified many more football clubs for the League. The Europa league is the second most prestigious football league in European football history. A total of 27 clubs have won the UEFA Europa League so far. The strongest and most consistent winners of the competition have been Sevilla, Liverpool, Juventus and Internazionale. They have won the prestigious UEFA Europa League cup more than once.

Let's not forget, that the winning team is awarded a cash prize of 5,000,000 Euros while the losing finalist still gets an impressive 2,500,000 Euros in this competition. So if you want to watch the upcoming Europa league, buy your UEFA Europa League tickets.


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