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To all those petrol heads, and Grand Prix fanatics, the 2016 Formula One World Championship season begins a new, and with the first Grand Prix taking place at the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit we at Ticketbis are excited to offer 2016 Australian Grand Prix tickets! The sixty-seventh season of the Formula One World Championship, this is your chance to catch one of the nineteen special places that these phenomenal races are taking place in! Suffice to say you’ll want to buy your Australia F1 tickets fast, as there’s no doubt that tickets will soon be flying off the Ticketbis shelves for this amazing event!

With this year’s race set to Aussie favourite Daniel Ricciardo and of course team-mate Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari’s ever competent Kimi Raikkonen, McLaren Mercedes’ Jenson Button, and of course the ever controversial Lewis Hamilton, there’s no doubt you’re set for an intriguing race! So buy your Australia F1 tickets now!

Australia’s love of motor sports has spanned as far back as the motor vehicle itself, and as such the Australian Grand Prix has been around since nineteen twenty-eight! Although originally known as the One Hundred Miles Road Race, hosted at the Phillip Island road circuit, racers would pit their “light” cars (with a maximum capacity of 2 litres) against each other. The inaugural race attracted thirty participants, with just over half of them actually starting! The winner of this race, supported by the Austin Motor Company with a modified Austin 7, was Arthur Waite, an as expected the majority of participants were Australian. Prior to World War II, French car manufacturer Bugatti found themselves the most successful team in the Australian Grand Prix, securing four consecutive wins from 1929 to 1932. In 1935, Phillip Island saw its last Grand Prix race. The following year the Grand Prix moved to what would become one of the world’s most famous race tracks, Mount Panorama, and the year after that it was held at huge road track in the quant South Australian town of Lobethal. Unfortunately the world-shaking events of World War II lead to an end of the Australian Grand Prix and Petrol-inclined Australians.

Although Post-war racing began slowly with competition remaining sparse, many racers endured. With only pre-war cars available, and much of the country experiencing a rationing of tyres and fuel, racers persisted in embarking in this epic endeavour. In 1947, Mount Panorama once again held the Australian Grand Prix, with CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sport) employing a rotation system in regards hosting. Consisting of a mixture of stripped-down sports cars and Australian “specials”, races were held in both converted airfield tracks, and street tracks. In 1952, Doug Whiteford won the Grand Prix using an imported Formula One car from France, incedently his third and last race win actually occurred in 1953, with the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit hosting it’s very first Grand Prix.. With Grand Prix technology slowly filtering through, Australian racers began experimenting and modifying their own cars, with Lex Davison notably winning the 1954 Australia Grand, with a Jaguar engined Formula 2 chassis. This evolution continued and by the ‘60s, the Australia Grand Prix consisted of more powerful 2.5 litre Australian cars, compared to the restricted 1.5 litre engines of Europe. With the sport taking place in both Australia and New Zealand, the series was aptly named Tasman Formula. Needless to say many European Formula one drivers flocked to Australia and New Zealand, in order to participate in these exciting races! Eventually Europe began developing and exceeding the one point five litres restriction, boosting F1 engines to three litre engines. 

In a bid once more to secure international interest, CAMS conceded in allowing the racing of Formula 5000, cars with a whopping 5.0 litres! Throughout the ‘70s this became heavily popular among Australian racers however international interest remained hard to get. In 1985, Formula One finally made it to Australia! With FIA Formula World Championship accepting the Australian Grand Prix as an official round, the race took place on the Adelaide Street Circuit. Known as both challenging and demanding, the tricky circuit was popular with drivers, teams and fans! Suffice to say, Adelaide hosted the Australian Grand Prix all the way to 1995, with the ten years having experienced such memorable Grand Prix as the 1988 Grand Prix, which saw Alain Prost win his seventh race against McLaren team mate Ayrton Senna; or the 1990 Grand Prix which was steeped in controversy between Senna and Prost, who began to harbour a bitter rivalry between each other and finally the 1995 Grand Prix, which saw racing legends Damon Hill and Michael Schumacher find themselves head to head, with a retired Nigel Mansell returning to Formula 1 in place of the late Senna. In what can only be described as one of the biggest high profile crashes in Formula 1, Schumacher and Hill found themselves both out of the race, leaving a surprise win to go to Mansell!

In 1995, The Australian Grand Prix moved to Albert Park, and has been a staple ever since! So come and get your Australian Grand Prix tickets now here at Ticketbis, and get ready for some of the truly epic racing!


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