F1 Monza

The Formula One season has finally started and the thirteenth round will be taking place in Italy at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza in Monza. If you are a F1 fan this is an event you just can’t miss out on, so make sure you buy your F1 Monza tickets before they all sell out. Get to see some of the greatest racers compete against each other and strive for victory. Buy F1 Monza tickets and enjoy this unforgettable race, live.

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza is certainly not an easy circuit, for it’s one of the longest ones in the Formula One World Championship. It’s 5,793 km long and the race length consists of fifty-three laps. This means that racers will have to drive for 306,720 km nonstop, which is too much even for the best racers and cars!

The first time the Italian Grand Prix took place was in 1950 and it has been taking place every year since then. It’s expected to be a really exciting race, especially knowing that the best racers in the world will be participating in the 2015 Italian Grand Prix. If you want to feel the tension and support the best drivers from the stands, get hold of your F1 Monza tickets here and now! Buy you F1 Monza tickets today and find out who gets to declare victory!


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