Feria de Leon

The Festival of Leon, or Feria de León, has once again arrived to Ticketbis. For the Mexicans, Feria means great entertainment, a unique way of enjoying time together with friends and family. It is also one of the traditions that attract most tourists each year. The ferias is where Mexican culture, traditions and beliefs merge into one! Don’t miss the opportunity to attend one of these amazing events, get your Feria de Leon 2015 tickets now!

The festival is held each year, and has done so since its beginnings in 1876. This time around the festival is celebrated between the last days of January and the first ones in February. The Feria Estatal de León and Palenque León are considered unique when it comes to management, control and cleaning of all its venues, and of course, when selecting the artists! Within the festival activities we can find an infinite number of entertainments, such as roller-coasters and cultural activities: Bullfighting Festivals, Mechanic Games or Crafts Exhibitions. Although, what we’re all expecting the most is of course the ever famous Palenque Leon 2015!

Palenque is an iconic Spanish concept which meaning has evolved with time. It was usually referred to when describing the place where the cockfights used to take place, but in modern usage it means an arena. It’s where the artists perform and where the cultural activities happen during the ferias. Some of the great artists you’ll be able to enjoy live are Vicente and Alejandro Fernandez, Julion Alvarez, la Arrolladora Banda el Limon, Angeles Azules, Pancho Barraza, Chuy Lizarraga, Pepe Aquilar, Marco Antonio Solis, Maria Jose, Gloria Trei, Pandao, Rio Roma, Alejandra Guzman, and a long list of etcetera! Don’t miss out on the fun and buy your Feria de Leon tickets right away.


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