Finals Copa America Centenario 2016

That's right folks, the matches that the Copa America builds too, The moment of truth! Where you get the chance to see first hand who'll reign supreme, and who'll are given such distinctions as second and third place! Get your Copa America Final tickets today before they all sell out! After a long and arduous path, we all know that only one team can win, it's because of this that tensions run so high in these upcoming matches. Who will get to raise the final prize and bring pride and glory to their nation? Here on Ticketbis you can easily grab your 3rd and 4th place tickets and tickets to the final in just a few simple clicks.

100 years of Copa America

This will be very special occasion to attend any or both of these matches as it will be the 100th anniversary of Copa America, making Copa America one of the oldest soccer competitions in the world! Celebrating its 100 years of football, simple math can tell you that the first match took place in 1916! As such, the competition can boast its fair share of world firsts, and as late as it may seem, the first Copa America tournament featured the first black players to play in an international setting. In fact it is this very tournament that makes up the Copa America's legacy! With Uruguay emerging as the eventual winners (the team featuring the aforementioned black players), their final match against Argentina saw to rioting supporters and even a stand catching fire, suffice to say when the match was played again the following day, Uruguay won the tournament!

Which teams will reach the finals this year? There is only one way to find out. Not missing a single match, and if you want to see one or two live, then get your Copa America Finals tickets today with Ticketbis, where the "soldout" sign doesn't matter!


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