Holi One Festival Tickets

Holi One Festival

Gather around for The Holi One Festival - an unforgettable occasion on which people from all over come together dressed in white clothes. Those who have tickets to the Holi One Festival will get those clothes colored in various shades that include blue, green and pink. The idea behind the festival is to celebrate the Indian Holi Fest. In India it is usually held in March to mark the beginning of the monsoon season. However, it varies depending on the geography and -presumably - the weather conditions - in 2014, for instance, the city of Madrid celebrated it in the summer most likely because of the warm weather and because you may be better off not wearing too many clothes unless you want them ruined with all the colored powder that is thrown around! There are also celebrations held in different areas including London and the United States. In many of these cities the mystical symbolism behind the festival is not emphasized - much of the focus is placed on the festive aspect of it as many of its participants are not hindu. Thus, Holi One Festival has been reshaped in some places to accommodate other contexts with the aim of bringing people together for a fun time!

Tickets for the Holi One Festival allow people to dance on the streets, purchase food and drinks and receive colored powdered that is thrown in the air at a certain time. This is when everyone becomes a rainbow of color. Get your Holi One Festival tickets now for cool atmosphere and a great time!


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