Jim Jefferies

Sydney’s ever successful, if not a little irreverent, comedian Jim Jefferies has now made his way onto these pages. With ticketbis, you can now grab Jim Jefferies tickets and lay witness to this phenomenal act as sets out to offend and insult without prejudice! Now that his days of copious drinking are behind him, there’s no doubt that the comedian has only improved with age and fatherhood. Of course let’s not forget, Jefferies has led a life so excessive that there’s sure to be a story he’s yet to tell! So don’t waste a moment more as Jim Jefferies tour tickets are on sale, here at Ticketbis!

Anything goes on Jim Jefferies' Australia & New Zealand Tour

Much can be said about Jim Jefferies, and he’s definitely a comedian to split people down the middle, but one thing can’t be denied and that’s the sheer fact that he’s funny. While he’s poked fun at religion, race and sex, his best material sees him poke fun at himself, and suffice to say anyone who can give running commentary on a recording of himself getting punched can’t be all bad! So buy your  tickets and get ready for the chance to Sydney's very own Jim Jefferies live!

Jim Jefferies Australia tour dates are selling out fast, most notably in Sydney, while his gigs in Townsville, Melbourne and Brisbane are not far behind. While he has cultivated a name for himself in both Oz and the UK, in the US he is perhaps best known for his FXX TV series Legit and his 2014 Netflix standup special Bare. He is also known for his presence on Twitter and for his appearances on podcasts like The Nerdist and The Adam Carolla Show. Old and new fans alike can enjoy his irreverent humor and acerbic views on politics, parenthood, pandas, and religion.

His language may be harsh but his comedy is a fan favourite. Buy tickets for Jim Jefferies' new stand-up show now and get ready to laugh yourself silly!


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From $93.93 There are 6 tickets left
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