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Juan Luis Guerra

Juan Luis Guerra has a singing career that spans over three decades. Get your Juan Luis Guerra tickets now and enjoy live a true legend in latin music!

Although his first aspiration in life was not in the music industry – he studied philosophy and literature in his youth – his strong interest in music led him to study guitar and music theory, and he eventually received a diploma in jazz composition at Berklee College of Boston. When he returned to his native Dominican Republic, he eventually set out to become one of the most prolific writers in the merengue genre to come along in many years. His 1988 hit ''Ojalá Que Llueva Café'' was not only critically acclaimed, but it also became an international hit and it was the song that marked the beginning of his international recognition. Guerra won his first Grammy award with Bachata Rosa and started to give signals of his commitment to social issues with the release of Areito, which contained a clearly anti-capitalist message, and where he protested against the living conditions of many Latin American nations.

Juan Luis Guerra remains a key figure in the latin music scene where he fuses rhythmic merengue themes (heavily influenced by bolero) with lyrics that reflect and denounce social causes that affect the world, and Latin America in particular. Buy your Juan Luis Guerra tickets today right here on Ticketbis!


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