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That’s right Little Monsters, the great Lady Gaga is touring and will be coming to a town near you! So be sure to get your Lady Gaga tickets before they sell out! Lady Gaga is one of the most controversial stars around, with her outrageous performances and garish outfits and has made headlines all over the world. However, she is not to be outdone and this is why her concerts are said to be the best in the world! In only one year the flamboyant star has sold an estimated twenty-four million albums and one hundred and twenty-five million singles all over the world. Since becoming famous in two thousand and eight, she has rarely been out of the public eye and in fact, featured on Billboard magazine's 'Artists of the Year', VH1 and Forbes. She really is a power woman, and has been named as one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine. If you want to see this incredible pop star live in concert, be sure to get your Lady Gaga tickets before they sell out!

Lady Gaga’s career flourished when she moved to LA to work extensively with her record label, in order to finish her first debut album. Although her album The Fame was released in August two thousand and eight, it wasn’t until early two thousand and nine that her album was really noticed around the world. The single led to the instant success of the album and earned the star her first Grammy Award nomination. Her next single "Poker Face" achieved an even greater success and went to number one in a lot of music charts all over the world. The song ended up selling nearly ten million singles worldwide and won the award for Best Dance Recording at the fifty-second Grammy Awards. Partly, one of the reasons for Lady Gaga’s instant success was down to her different yet catchy tunes. Not to mention her fun but extraordinary videos! The Fame did incredibly well and went to number one in many European countries, including, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and the UK. It also peaked in the top five charts in Australia, US and numerous other countries. In addition, it managed to top the Dance/Electronic Albums chart for one hundred and six non-consecutive weeks and sold over twelve million copies around the world. For your chance to see the pop starlet singing some of her ultimate classics, be sure to get your Lady Gaga tickets now, here at Ticketbis!

Whilst promoting ‘The Fame’ and travelling the world, Lady Gaga wrote The Fame Monster, an extended play consisting of eight songs, which spawned "Bad Romance", "Telephone’ and "Alejandro", which were all massive hits around the world. The Ep’s lead single "Bad Romance" peaked the charts in eighteen countries and reached the top two in Australia, New Zealand and the States. The second single "Telephone" which features the popular Beyonce, became Lady Gaga’s fourth UK number one single and entered in high chart positions all over the world. The video was highly praised by music critics for its clever layout and sexual Madonna influences. The Fame Monster went onto earning the star her second-consecutive nomination for album of Album of the Year’, not to mention selling millions of records worldwide. At the two thousand and ten MTV Video Music Awards, Gaga won eight out of her thirteen nominations and the album ‘The Fame Monster’ won a total of six nominations at the fifty-third Grammy Awards. Lady Gaga is truly one of the biggest stars in the pop world at the moment, and her shows are said to be explosive! For your chance to see the eccentric sensation live from the concert, purchase your Lady Gaga concert tickets here!

The star went onto releasing her second studio album Born This Way in two thousand and eleven, which was said to be a lot more meaningful and deeper than her first album. Her first single, "Born This Way" sold nearly four million digital copies in the United States, which went onto becoming her eighth consecutive single. Other singles from the album were also successful, however, they did not sell as much as those from her first album. Keeping this in mind, there is no doubt about it that Lady Gaga has had some tremendous hits since becoming big back in two thousand and eight, and her pop status is always increasing. No wonder when she has some of the biggest selling-hits in the world and continues to make some of the most controversial videos of all time. Take for example the video for, equally controversial track “Judas”! Featuring on Born This Way, in Lady Gaga’s words “’Judas’ is a metaphor an analogy about forgiveness and betrayal and things that haunt you in your life and how I believe that it’s the darkness in your life that ultimately shines and illuminates the greater light that you have upon you.”. As expected the music video proved just as controversial, with Lady Gaga taking on the role of Mary Magdalene, starring alongside The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus as Judas. The music video stands as a mini-epic, portraying Lady Gaga and her cast, as modern apostles and narrating the story of Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, alongside the revelation of Magdalene’s evidently self-destructive feelings for Judas! Despite the director of the video, Laurieann Gibson, explaining the fact that she is in fact a Christian, the music video quickly fell under criticism, with the Catholic League releasing the statement ”In her ‘Judas’ video, Lady Gaga plays fast and loose with Catholic iconography, and generates several untoward statements, but she typically dances on the line without going over it. The faux-baptismal scene is a curious inclusion, as is her apparent fondness for the Jesus character.” Needless to say, Gaga certainly makes headlines and in a way it is one of the things that makes her such a fascinating character! So don’t wait to read what she’s going to do next, find out for yourself live and buy your Lady Gaga tickets!

There is no doubting the fact that she is one of the most talented stars around at the moment, so make sure you have the opportunity to see her perform live in concert! Get your tickets to see Lady Gaga now and enjoy a fantastic concert!


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