From the first riffs of 2002's "Remission" to the brooding acoustic strumming of "White Walker," as featured on the second Game of Thrones mixtape, Atlanta's masters of prog-metal, Mastodon, have continued evolving and exploring the limits of metal. Get Mastodon tickets to find out why this band, who folded the story of Moby Dick into "Leviathan"--their first of three full-length concept albums--has received so much critical acclaim from various quarters of the musical world.

Buy your tickets for Mastodon and experience their unique melding of a sludge, doom, and prog metals, carving out a niche that combines influences that has driven them to appearances on late night shows and headlining performances of tours and festivals around the world. Get tickets for Mastodon and see them perform "High Road," nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance, from 2014's "Once More 'Round the Sun."

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