Olympic Games - Rio 2016: Equestrian Tickets

Olympic Games - Rio 2016: Equestrian

Equestrianism has been a virtual ever-present at the modern Olympic Games since making its debut in 1900. One of the few Olympic sports in which men and women against each other on equal terms, Equestrianism is in that sense a pioneer in the world of elite-level sport.


The equestrian events are also unique in that, along with one stage of the Modern Pentathlon, they are one of two Olympic events that involve animals, and of course is the only one in which the performance of the animal is as significant or more so than that of the human athlete. So important is the horse, in fact, that it is considered just as much an athlete as its rider.


Tickets to what is the utmost demonstration of synergy between man and beast in modern sport will surely be in short supply. Purists and equestrian enthusiasts will have to act fast for one of the Olympics' most forward-looking and aesthetically pleasing events.


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