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It's a sad time for One Direction fans, as the boys take a much needed hiatus. Fortunately there's a key difference between hiatus and split up, and while the band may not feature bad-boy heart-throb Malik, the rest of the boys have promised that One Direction AREN'T splitting up. Simply taking at least a year out to pursue their own projects, much like Rolling Stones did back in the day. While it's sad time not to hear the boys will be performing together, there's nothing stopping you from seeing Liam, Harry, Nial and Louis as they're bound to crop up in the future! 

At Ticketbis you’re sure to get the best tickets possible and when One Direction return, there'll no better place to buy your One Direction tickets fast, and easy! With the last film standing as a 3D documentary of the band’s tour, Where We Are: The Concert Film no doubt follows the same lines, including back stage footage of the band and will even include interviews from the band! Screams and adoration a plenty, One Direction’s announcement came just before the fourth anniversary of the band, who’d believe it’s been four years since One Direction first touched the hearts and souls of Directioners around the world!  Of course, why would you settle for watching the boys on screen, when you can be there and witness the majesty and talent of these five heartthrobs live! Grab those One Direction tickets and get ready for a truly amazing show, right here at Ticketbis! Since becoming popular from X Factor, the British boy band have achieved great success, including two Brit Awards, three MTV Video Music Awards and generating a business empire of 50 million dollars by June two thousand and twelve. See one of the hottest bands around at the moment and make sure you bag yourself some One Direction tickets!

Despite not winning the singing contest, The X Factor, the five band members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have done extremely well since finishing in third place of the seventh series of the show three years ago. It was Harry Styles who came up with the name “One Direction” and from there on the name stuck and audiences grew attached to the boy band. Not long after the band’s popular version of the song, “Forever Young” was leaked on the internet, the bands popularity grew considerably and it wasn’t long until Simon Cowell signed the boys to Syco Records. Recording for their first album soon began, in which the band travelled to different recording studios around the world. The band’s first single to come out of the album was “What Makes You Beautiful”, and this went straight to number one in the UK. It was also the most pre-ordered Sony Music Entertainment singles in history – a huge triumph for the band. Other singles from the album were successful, both reaching the top ten UK Singles Chart. Their first album Up All Night became the fastest selling album of the UK that year! Furthermore they became the first British band to debut at number one in the U.S. with their first album. Due to the help of social media and repeated live performances, the British Boy Band shot to fame pretty quickly. Their two albums Up All Night and Take Me Home peaked the charts in countries all over the world and launched the band into the limelight. See the British boy band in action and get your One Direction tickets to see them ASAP! Previous concerts of the popular band have been sell-out shows, so don’t waste your time in getting yours!

One Direction has literally taken the world by storm, and has been consistently praised for reviving the 'boy band” culture, alongside bringing about a new Brit music invasion. Shortly after releasing their first few singles in the UK, the band was signed by Columbia Records in North America. One Direction released “What Makes You Beautiful” in the US the year after, where it went on to achieve great success. It reached number twenty-eight in the Billboard Hot 100 – the highest debut for a British band since the late nineties. In order to become better known in America, the band gave radio interviews. They also performed in front of live audiences, which gave the band tremendous recognition. One Direction sold more than fourteen million singles and eight million albums in the country. The album Up All Night peaked at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, making the band the first British group to enter at number one in the United States. Suffice to say the band has sufficiently conquered America, and are now setting their sights on the wonderful world of Australia! So see one of the biggest bands at the moment and get ready to buy your One Direction tickets now!

The band’s extensive touring around the world helped to build the band’s reputation and increase their recognition as one of the best boy bands of the moment. In August of last year, the group sold more than eight million singles, three million albums and a whopping one million DVDs. Their second studio album, released in November of last year was also very successful. The singles “Live While We’re Young” and “Little Things” did very well, with the latter reaching number one in the UK. The group’s album also did very well in both the UK and the USA, an amazing triumph for such a new and young band. Their success doesn’t stop there, the band nearly sold two hundred thousand tickets for concerts in both Australia and New Zealand, and are sure to do the same thing this year. They also won awards in Australia’s ARIA for Best International Artist twice, once in two thousand and twelve and again in two thousand and thirteen! To be honest, the British boy band isn’t short of awards, also picking up Three “Kids Choice Awards” and a Global Success Award at the two thousand and thirteen Brit Awards. 

An enterprising bunch, the boys have even released their own brand of fragrance! Releasing their first fragrance called “Our Moment” during two thousand and thirteen, with Niall saying “Fans always want to know what we like and what we don’t like so we wanted to show them what we like smell-wise on girls.” As expected, the venture proved to be successful and a second fragrance, standing as a variation of the first called “That Moment”, was released the following year! Now with a third, all new, fragrance called “You & I” having recently been released, there doesn’t seem to be anything that this talented bunch can’t do without garnering complete success!

Reviews of their previous Take Me Home tour, have lauded the boys on their harmonising, with their stage presentation markedly improved from their Up All Night Tour. The boy’s antics on stage included such things as answering twitter questions, surprising stages, spectacular covers of “Teenage Dirtbag” and “One Way or Another” along with a list of other little quirks that always makes this band both fun and cheeky.

One Direction is no stranger to making headlines, both good and bad. For instance, Harry Styles has made headlines after his consoling of a One Direction fan, who displayed a sign saying “Just Been Dumped”, during one of their shows in Edinburgh, while Niall Horan has consistently been seen rubbing shoulders with a number of celebrity A-listers, with selfies taken with Ollie Murs, Eddie Vedder, Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Katy Perry, Ronnie Wood, David Beckham and even Queen Elizabeth! Of course, it’s not all great news with the Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson having experienced altercations involving drugs in the past, although manager and music guru Simon Cowell has already expressed that there is indeed nothing to worry about, addressing the issue as a “private matter” and assuring fans that the boys are still indeed good folk! So if you’re a One Directioner, and you’ve forgiven the teenage antics of Malik and Tomlinson, then what better way to prove your loyalty than seeing the boys live and in action! Buy your One Direction tickets now, and prepare for a show that is truly out of this world!

Speaking of headlines, teenage fans have been kicking up a storm as One Direction found themselves on the cover of teen publication, Seventeen! And if that isn’t enough, the boys have melted even more hearts with the lads proving they’re just as sonically gifted acoustically as they are produced! While the band has recently released an acoustic version of new single “Steal My Girl”, there’s no doubting that there’s a number of 1D songs that are actually improved with a bit of acoustic stripping! Take for example the Ed Sheeran penned “Little Things”, which considering the source proves that Sheeran is strongest at his simplest! Of course, this isn’t to say 1D aren’t without merit, as if you can’t tell from the video posted above there isn’t a One Direction song that isn’t heart-melting material!

The release of two new tracks from their heavily anticipated album, Four, saw the band breaking yet another record, with their first track from the album, “Fireproof” becoming the most downloaded track within twenty-four hours! Giving fans a free download of the song, fans were given a modest twenty-four hours to download the track and suffice to say, by the end of the day “Fireproof” had been downloaded an impressive one point one million times! The new single set to promote their latest album comes in the form of “Steal My Girl”, which is sure to be just as sought after as “Fireproof”! Adding to the hype of their newest album, the theme park in Universal Studios in Florida had even announced a number of One Direction themed events to occur on November 17th (the album release date) with the boys performing a free show at Universal CityWalk, performing for NBC’s Today Show, even some of the featured a One Direction theme!

What is most exciting is their latest album, Four, has indeed just released and already fans and critics are frothing at the mouth with praise! USA Today, has already crowned it “Album of the week”, with the review opening with “From start to finish, Four, is as fine an album as 1D has made, one that builds on the group’s earlier successes while moving it forward.” While The Guardian’s opening tag line of “no longer kids’ stuff” certainly gives you an idea on the band’s overall direction! With a maturing fanbase that parallels the band, it’s not surprising that Four’s sound is a keen departure from their teen-pop beginnings. The songwriting has become something that each of the lads has endeavoured to be a part of, with Tomlinson and Payne, having teamed together to write eight of the twelve tracks that make up Four, and even Styles, Malik and Horan have at least two songs accredited to them! It’s a safe-bet to assume that many wouldn’t have expected the teen-sensation to have lasted as long as they have, but the band have proved that they’re more than up to the task of staying current!

The teenage heart throbs have already garnered a huge list of awards winning the 2012 ARIA’s Best International Artists Award, three Radio 1 Teen Awards, Billboards 2013 Top Pop Album, Top Group and New Artist of the Year, eleven MTV awards, three NME Awards and two BRIT Awards. With each member captivating the hearts of teenage girls everywhere, it isn’t difficult to see why. With Harry’s indie wild hair, Niall’s natural Irish charm, Louis’ devilish sense of humour, Liam’s dedication and drive and Zayne the smoldering enigma, the band make up an almost illustrious five piece, that would make any self-respecting teenage girl weak at the knees!

As of late, the band's sound has been erring more and more to a rock sound, but in a recent interview Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz actually mentioned the band turning down a chance to collaborate with them, despite writing with each other in London! Of course, this only touches the surface of One Direction's media frenzy, in the last couple of months. With rumours of Nial Horan's departure (fortunately, completely unfounded and untrue) and reports of Louis Tomlinson's email being hacked, it's certainly been a tough time for one of the biggest boy bands in the world! That being said, there's still nothing stopping you from shopwinging your support and grabbing One Direction tickets now!


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