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Formed in sixty-two, the Rolling Stones have been influencing the modern world for over fifty years, and will probably continue to do so in future years to come! Now consisting of frontman Mick Jagger, guitarists Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards, and finally drummer Charlie Watts, the Rolling Stones history is steeped in legend and lore! The original “true rock stars”, the Rolling Stones are certainly not to be missed given the chance, so grab those elusive tickets to see the Rolling Stones now, and prepare for a truly epic night of classic British rock!

Now super famous, the Stones are a band that has worked their way up to the top, with humble beginnings occurring in a little known town called Dartford. Both Keith Richards and Mick Jagger had been childhood friends and classmates, until Jagger’s family moved away. During this time Jagger formed a band with Dick Taylor, where the two played mostly blues songs covering songs by artists such as Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Bo Diddley. Jagger reunited with Richards in nineteen sixty, when the two met coincidently at the Dartford railway station, when upon noticing Jaggers’ Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters records, the two struck up a friendship on their mutual interest and soon a musical partnership ensued! Needless to say, Richards began joining in with Jagger and Taylor’s “jam sessions”, frequently meeting at Jagger’s house. In sixty-one the meetings began taking place in Taylor’s house as two more members joined in, both Allen Etherington and Bob Beckwith. The five piece band then began to style themselves as the Blue Boys! No longer kids, buy your Rolling Stones tickets here at Ticketbis now!

A year after the Blue Boys visited the Ealing Jazz Club, having read about the venue in a Jazz News newspaper. It is here the Boys met with slide guitar legend Brian Jones, as he temporarily sat in for Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated, a London rhythm and blues band that stood as an influence for many British rock bands at the time. The band also consisted of two future members Ian Stewart and Charlie Watts! Upon sending Korner a tape of their best recordings, the band leader was indeed impressed and jamming sessions including both Richards and Jagger ensued! When Brian Jones set about creating his own band, Stewart soon set about finding a practice space and promptly joined with Jones,   where the two started to develop a band that would play Chicago blues music. Instilled by the mutual interest Jagger, Richards and Taylor left the Blue Boys to join with Jones and Stewart. Due to Jones’ unequivocal guitar skill, Taylor opted to play bass. Drummer Tony Chapman joined the fray, and by sixty-two the band was in full swing! According to Richards, The name “Rolling Stones” came when a phone call between Jazz News and Brian Jones, left Jones scramble quickly for a name, where upon seeing a Muddy Waters LP, he quickly offered up the track “Rollin’ Stone” as the band’s name. So don’t forget you can grab your Rolling Stones tickets and catch these epic rockers perform live!

Unhappy with his position as bass guitaist, Taylor left to form The Pretty Things, reprising his guitarist role with a band who has continued to play to this very day. Bassist Bill Wyman was brought in to replace Taylor, while the following year, drummer Tony Chapman was replaced with now long-standing drummer Charlie Watts, after Chapman left stating his lack of comfort with the band’s musical direction! With the band all ready and set, the Rolling Stones secured a residency at the Crawdaddy Club, performing every Sunday afternoon! Their residency became a corner stone in the beginnings of the Swinging London era! In a bid to rise above their contemporaries, the Rolling Stones signed manager Andrew Look Oldham, a publicist who came under the recommendations of previous clients, “The Beatles”. Oldham himself was only nineteen and faced numerous obstacles in his career managing the Stones. Oldham stood younger than any member of the actual band, too young to acquire an agent’s license and required his mother’s signature if any official contracts needed signing! Despite the setbacks, Oldham made some ballsy calls including firing Ian Stewart from the band, stating Stewart’s image did not fit with the overall “pretty, thin, long-haired boys.” that the Rolling Stones embodied. Stewart did however remain as road manager, playing piano on many studio tracks up until his death in eighty-five! Oldham also secured the Rolling Stones with the ownership of their master tapes, allowing for greater artistic freedom and a higher financial gain than standard recording contracts. The biggest thing Oldham did for the Rolling Stones, however, is the way he marketed the band as an anti-beatles, promoting a “bad boy” image! Rolling Stone’s first single actually came as a Chuck Berry cover, with “Come On” releasing in nineteen sixty-three!

Later that year the Rolling Stones embarked on their first UK tour, albeit as supporting acts for American stars such as Bo Diddley, Little Richard and The Everly Brothers! A proverbial training ground for the Rolling Stones, it is during these tours that the Rolling Stones learned to craft their world famous concerts!  It is also during this time that the Rolling Stones recorded their second single, “I Wanna Be Your Man”, a song written by Beatles legends John Lennon and Paul McCartney a single which quickly reached number twelve in the UK charts! In nineteen sixty-five, the Rolling Stones released their second UK EP The Rolling Stones No. 2, along with a US release of The Rolling Stones, Now! This was also the year that the Rolling Stones released their stellar international hit “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, establishing themselves as a worldwide premier act! The following year, the first album to consist solely of songs composed by Jagger and Richards, Aftermath was released and featured such tracks as “Paint It, Black” and “Lady Jane”, with “Paint It, Black” alongside “19th Nervous Breakdown” and “Mother’s Little Helper” all becoming huge hits both in the UK and America! So once more don’t forget to buy your Rolling Stones tickets now!

Their follow-up album, “Between the Buttons” in nineteen sixty-six, stood as the band’s seventh album, and was the last album to feature the work of long-time producer Andrew Oldham. The following year authorities began to take notice of Jagger, Richards and Jones extensive use of recreational drugs, after a three-part feature in the News of the World entitled “Pop Stars and Drugs: Facts That Will Shock You” described the alleged LSD parties held by blues band The Moody Blues, in which many top rock stars of the time allegedly attended. While the first instalment targeted “Scottish Bob Dylan” Donovan, the second instalment went after the Rolling Stones. One reporter, having spent an evening at the exclusive London club Blaise’s wrote that Mick Jagger had taken several Benzedrine tablets, displayed a block of hashish and invited his companions back to his flat for a “smoke”. However, The Rolling Stones member the reporter was in fact witnessing was Brian Jones, and on the evening the article was published, Jagger announced he would file for libel against the paper! A turbulent time for the band indeed, however the album that was produced during the time, Satanic Majesties, stood at exactly where the Rolling Stones were at during this drugged fuelled period! So if you want to see this amazing band then buy your Rolling Stones tickets now, here at Ticketbis!

Of course this is by no means the end of Rolling Stones’ story, as one can surmise! Yes, all this occurred before the Rolling Stones’ had even created some of the best material! In nineteen sixty-eight the band began experience what became known as Rolling Stone’s “Golden Age”!  Releasing the album Beggars Banquet, the album featured an eclectic mix of blues and country style tracks, and after a fairly trippy previous couple of years, the Stones’ return to their roots became a welcome addition! With the world in a state of political upheaval, their lead-out single “Street Fighting Man” proved to be exactly what the masses ordered! However it wasn’t all good news for the likely Rolling Stones lads, when trouble began to arise once more with Brian Jones. Heavy drug use and his inability to obtain a US visa, lead to sporadic contributions with the band forced to make a difficult decision about the long-time friend and band member. Jagger later recalled that Jones simply wasn’t “not psychologically suited to this way of life”. Meeting with Richards and Watts and Jones’ house, Jagger and the band confronted Brian Jones, and it was agreed that Jones could no longer “go on the road again” with the stipulation that if he ever wanted to come back, he could. Unfortunately a month after, Jones died mysteriously, having drowned in his own swimming pool, it is still unknown to this day what exactly caused Jones to drown. Despite this the band pushed forward, enlisting Mick Taylor to take the place of Brian Jones! So don’t miss out the chance to see this amazing band, while you still can and buy your Rolling Stones tickets!

As you can probably tell the band has certainly come a long way since their first few singles, now world renowned legends grab your tickets for Rolling Stones here at Ticketbis now, and look forward to an evening your sure to never forget!


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