Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is now upon us and it’s looking like quite the competition! With the competition now heating up, there's no better time to grab Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets, before anyone else!

Originally co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand, the tournament has been an aspiration for every Rugby union team ever since. The tournament is split into two stages, groups and knockouts. The first stage comprises of twenty nations split into four groups (pools A-D), each pool housing five nations. The four highest ranking teams a put respectively in each group, where the rest are picked at random. Qualifiers are also split into each group. Nations play four games each, playing their respective pool members once each. The winner and runner up of these pools are determined by points via wins and bonus points, wherein they are promoted to the knockout stage.

The knockout stage consists of Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and then the Final. Winners of each pool are placed against a runner up of a different pool in the quarter finals and teams progress further to an eventual winner. Losers of the semi-finals contest with each other in the Bronze Final.

After the first tournament in 1987, the Rugby World Cup continues to take place every four years.  In 1987 it was co-hosted by New Zealand and Australia, with the New Zealand All Blacks going home with the first ever William Webb Ellis Cup.  The trophy is named after the Rugby School student who, according to popular legend, invented rugby after picking up the ball and running with it during a soccer game.  The tournament consists of twenty international rugby union teams, each representing a different country, which have to qualify in order to be awarded the chance to compete.

After this Rugby World Cup in England, the following will be in Japan in 2019.  Who have you got your money on?  Do you think it will be one of the most successful teams – South Africa, Australia, or New Zealand – who have each gone home with trophy twice?  Or will it be Argentina, who have already proved they can take on the latter power houses without issue?  One thing we know for sure is it won't be an underdog to take home this win, as all four teams have been favourites from the get-go! Either way, get in on the action and buy your Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets here on Ticketbis!  You don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity!

Yes, it's true that this year, England having been awarded with the bid to host the Rugby World Cup 2015, there’s no doubt that some of the most intense games will get the stadium treatment they deserve! London’s Twickenham Stadium, Wembley Stadium and Olympic Stadium are all set to host major games in the upcoming World Cup, and Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium will also see action, while equally as exciting Manchester’s very own Manchester City Stadium, is being given a full upgrade ready to host a truly global event! Needless to say, if you’ve ever been a fan of rugby, this is truly the year to save and head out to this amazing match! 

With the Group Stage and the Quarter Finals for the Rugby World Cup now over, we really get to the meat of the competition! A Surprise loss from England in the qualifications meant many looked to Wales to saddle their hopes of a Home Nations win, however with Wales losing out to South Africa, it became apparant that the Home Nations, despite the hosting advantage have failed to advance the lower teams of the lower hemisphere! In fact all of the European sides (France, Ireland and Scotland) took a beating from their Pacific counter parts, and now England is left to host an unofficial Rugby Championship semi-finals! With South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina all set to play each other, it's looking like the former Tri-Nations teams are still the best of the best! 


So make sure your there to see the action, and secure your Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets now, here at Ticketbis!

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