Test Series Tickets

Test Series

Ticketbis is now in possession of Test series tickets! That’s right cricket fans the longest form of cricket has finally made a home here at Ticketbis, and needless to say the sport has left us speechless! With match games taking place over a staggering five days, you’ve got more than ample chances to catch your favourite team, with Ticketbis selling Test series tickets by the day, so you can pick and chose which days are convenient for you!

As mentioned above Test cricket is the longest form of first-class cricket, with the matches lasting over five days! Test cricket is solely played by international teams, with domestic competitions more commonly known as first-class cricket. While first-class cricket tends to last three days, it is because of Test cricket’s gruelling five day rule that the term Test was originally used, with the form proving to be “the ultimate test in a cricket team’s playing ability and endurance”! As for the rules, which is commonly shared with first-class cricket, each team consists of eleven players each, and consists of four innings (rounds) played over five days. Each day consists of six hours, with a forty minute break for “lunch” occurring after the first two hours, and another twenty minute break for “tea” after the next two hours. Of course, certain circumstances have caused the game to break such as bad weather or a change of innings. More recently the governing body, The ICC, has passed for Test matches to occur during both day and night! An innings can end for a couple of reasons: If the whole team is out, the batting team captain declares to finish their innings, the batting team has achieved the necessary score to win or the time for the entire match expires.

Excitedly this means the test match can end in a number of ways. Either all four innings are complete, The team batting in the fourth innings beat the opposing team’s score, the third innings concludes with the team that batted twice still losing, a match expires in a draw and more rarely the match is abandoned due to “unfit grounds” or forfeit by the opposing team. With the game proving as unpredictable as it is exciting, buy your tickets for Test series and get ready for some top notch girl!

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