Track Cycling Olympic Games Rio 2016 - 13/08 16:00H Tickets

Rio Olympic Velodrome, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Track Cycling Olympic Games Rio 2016 - 13/08 16:00H

IMPORTANT: The MEIA option is exclusively reserved for Brazil residents. If you are not a Brazil resident, you must buy INTEIRA.

This event includes:

Men's Sprint: quarter-finals race 1

Men's Sprint: race for 9th-12th places

Women's Keirin: round 2

Men's Sprint: quarter-finals race 2

Women's Team Pursuit: final bronze

Women's Team Pursuit: final gold

Men's Sprint: quarter-finals race 3

Women's Team Pursuit: victory ceremony

Men's Sprint: semi-finals race 1

Women's Keirin: final for 7th-12th places

Women's Keirin: final for 1st-6th places

Men's Sprint: semi-finals race 2

Women's Keirin: victory ceremony

Men's Sprint: race for 5th-8th places

Men's Sprint: semi-finals race 3

Cycling’s great but the downside is what happens when it rains. Sure races can continue but everyone knows our contestants aren’t going as fast as they could be. It is with this sentiment that Track Cycling was invented, better yet with Cycling Track Olympic Games Rio 2016 - 13/08 16:00 tickets now available, there’s no better chance to see this incredible event! Taking place in Rio’s newly renovated Rio Olympic Velodrome, lay witness to the world’s fastest cyclists and get ready to see cycling in a truly unique way! So what are you doing still reading? Get those all-important Cycling Track Olympic Games Rio 2016 - 13/08 16:00 tickets now, here at Ticketbis, your one stop for the Rio 2016 Olympics!

Men's and Women's Sprint + Keirin +Pursuit : Quarter-Finals + finals | Velocidade + Keirin + perseguição: quartas de finais + finais

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