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Vance Joy tickets ladies and gentleman, can soon be yours! Yes, Melbourne born singer, Vance Joy is touring once more, bringing his brand of guitar/ukulele-pop to the masses, at the prime age of twenty-five there’s no doubt to this young singer-songwriter’s success! Ever on the hunt for new talent we at Ticketbis can’t be happier to now offer Vance Joy tickets!

With his real name being James Keorgh, Vance Joy takes his name from the Peter Carey novel Bliss! His track “Riptide”, released in two thousand and thirteen show the singer-songwriter to success, with many likening his style to that of the late, great Jeff Buckley, featuring a haunting voice, fraught with melancholy and certain sense of poetic manner! In response to his songwriting Joy said ”The songs are everything. You can’t really dress an average song up and make it a good song. You can roll a turd in glitter as the saying goes – I don’t know if I’m getting that saying right”, as you can guess, his songwriting is of the highest quality, and is something that isn’t already stirring numerous new music critics!

Having released his debut album, Dream Your Life Away in 2014, the fact remains that he remains one of Australia’s top exports! As Rolling Stone Australia wrote “Vance Joy’s appeal lies not just in floppy hair, but in universal relatability – storytelling foll of generalised tales about growing up, of love, lust and loss, motifs of ‘eyes’ and time’s passage all painted with a golden folky haze and an ever-present ukulele.”

So don’t waste a second more and buy your Vance Joy tickets now, here at Ticketbis and get ready for a truly amazing show, from one of the most exciting acts to come out of Australia!


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